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Here is how to travel free to bucharest, Romania

Here is how to travel free to Bucharest, Romania including flight

Romania, a country in East Central Europe bordering on the Black Sea. Romania borders Bulgaria, Hungary, Moldova, Serbia and Ukraine, it also shares a maritime border with Turkey.  If Transylvania was Lonely Planet’s top region for 2016, Bucharest, Romania’s capital is increasingly popular as a preferred destination for visitors to Eastern Europe. Budget friendly and surprising, Bucharest isn’t defined by any one feature, but rather as a diverse, eclectic capital where East meets West and its asymmetry speaks to its charm. This is where Belle Époque grandeur coexists with a fiery Balkan spirit, speaking a Romance language amidst Slavic neighbors. Exuding an artistic effervescence like never before, there is more than communism and the megalomania People’s Palace, the world’s second largest building, to be seen.

Best experienced from the seat of al fresco cafés peering from art nouveau villas, bohemian Bucharest comes to life with a strong underground culture, a slew of design and performing arts festivals, art hubs and more. Known for its electric nightlife, hip bars & clubs as well as, alternative eateries keep you busy well into the night. For foodies and hungry travelers, Bucharest offers everything from hearty peasant food and dozens of farmers markets, to specialty coffee, artisan, beer and contemporary Romanian cuisine.

How to get apply for it.

Are you a travel influencer? Are you passionate about showcasing interesting destinations to your audience and to the world? Then we are inviting you to Bucharest on May 12-16th 2017, to have an unforgettable experience in the capital city of Romania! We will provide a great diversity of experiences for you to discover Bucharest as the fun, colourful and eclectic capital that we know as locals. Local transportation, food and accommodation is on us!

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The main goal of our #experienceBucharest project is to position Bucharest as a preferred destination of travelers in Eastern Europe, by promoting the diversity of experiences that our city can offer.

For the first 3 days, you will be able to create a personalized schedule, by selecting tours and experiences close to your niche and preferences, attending parties and big networking events. In these 3 days local transportation, food and accommodation are on us! On the 4th day, you can choose to be alone and wander in the city or meet Romanian content creators to see their preferred places in the city.

Applications until the end of March. Then, at the beginning of April we will make the selection, which will take into account factors such as: the location of your audience (we want to have a diverse audience that from all the participants should cover the whole world), the quality of the content created by you so far, your main social media channel, number of followers (minimum 10000 for a channel) etc.

Here is how, you can connect with #experienceBucharest

See a preview of the city here [Credit: Mihai Doarna]


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