Malana Village in Parvathi vally :: Untouchability in 20th Century in India

Reaching the Village

Malana  is small village near to Kasol (Himachal Pradesh known as the Mini Israel and Hippies paradise will cover the Kasol) in the separate post. Reaching Malana is quite easy from Kasol take taxi from Kasol it will cost around 300INR($5) to reach from Kasol will take 45mins. One can do moderate trek to Malana from JARI around 15KM + 3Km UP hill climbing toughest part but doable, depend on your fitness it can take around . Or if you coming from Bhuntar you can get down at the JARI and trek from there.

The trek is quite good, midst of silence, wind whispering  the  song and soothing background music by waterfall can fill your hears with joy of happiness.  Taking a taxi not a bad idea as once you reach the base point of the village anyway you have trek to main village as no other way to reach village.

People of Malana

Legends Jamlu rishi(sage) made the rules and regulations of the village as outsiders can come but they can touch anyone from village even you can ‘t touch the children’s. As a  tourist  we should be respect the traditions and religious sentiments and not to hurt them. Taking the photos of the Temple is strictly prohibited you it may lead to fine up to 2500 to 3000INR. You can see the board and sign of the saying fine for doing this. Temple little weird in the sense some of the carving in the temple you can see Goat Indulging in the pleasure. Inside the temple you may find god Jamblu Devta, but you are not allowed to enter to the temple even near by and make sure you not touching the anything related to Temple like offering box. We Stayed for the 1 day and 1 night as people are very if you smile back and they smiling back to you and you can take snaps they happily pose for you. It a very lively village you encounter children playing in the outside the their home, elders doing house old stuff sitting in the balcony of the house. Young teens playing and talking to people.

As people of Malana wont touch and keep distance with you and sometime they will shout at you, you may not understand the language but you get the context right.

Famous for “taboo” and “Charas”

People come to Malana for multiple reason people from other country come to see the Village still in taboo in india wondering about how there day to life to seen. Understanding the culture and lifestyle of the People.

And “Charas” its consider the Malana you will get best of “Charas” around Parvati vally and cheap. When you enter the village you will surrounded by the children asking “Maal chahiye kya“… its mean Do you want Charas  and sometime you can find the ladies also selling those.

Staying in Malana

It a “Taboo” village but staying here is not at all problem, you can find lot of guest houses, the people working/Running the Guest house are from other village as local people cant touch and or etc.. Rich people from Malana village bring from outside to server the guest. They are not like native they are common people.


Legends say people of Malana descended from the Alexander the Great army soldiers and took refugee here.

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