Concluded myself to first Backpack

I don’t remember when exactly I wanted decided to go, from long time i have not taken long holiday and my New Year resolutions must travel twice in year, and it took a moment “Now, Or Never“.

Never travelled outside country, always fascinated to see world through my eye, how the world is bind with culture, people, emotions, nature, festival, language and understand How close and How far we are.

As first time traveling outside the country I am nervous same time and excited to do something I never done and see the nature gifted “world” as much as possible its a dream for everyone, we people failed to see the beauty, what will bring and change the perspective toward the people love and respect and admire the everything around you.  Travel around the world its a dream for everyone, and its become. but i don’t wanna “Die with my Dreams”. Wanted to traveller not the Tourist, when I first heard term called “Backpack” and it become the my soul of my adventures to come.

This is what I really wanted to do Live like local, Eat where they eat, meet people around world, adapting the culture, spend time with yourself, listen to their stories, stay with like minded people, experience, live life what you have to fullest and one day I may tell my own stories and adventures to everyone around me and Backpacking will me everything as we dreamed.

Reading, researching, exploring about backpacking brought me lot inspiring people, stories, places, culture, language every bit of experience and also my level of excitement and passion.


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